Friday, November 20, 2009

H.R. 3962 Can you read it?

I can't believe this ever came to a vote. Let alone passed the US House of Representatives. This is 1990 pages of confusion. I can't believe that it was actually necessary to have so many pages to define health care legislation. Did you know that our Constitution can be printed on about 6 pages? The document that frames our government is short and concise. Why can't our congress men and women produce something short and concise? I wonder how many of those elected officials actually read these pages. I would venture to say that it is unlikely that many of them read it and certainly not the whole thing.

I would challenge you to read it, at least some of it. The Senate has its own version of this Bill because they can't agree on working from the same House document. I haven't seen it, and I don't know if it's available, but I hear that it's 10 pages longer. My guess is that it's just as confusing as this one and probably will be just as useless at actually solving the real health care issues that we face here in the US.

Enough is enough CONGRESS!

My representative in Congress is Melisa Bean. (Do you know who your representative is?) I wrote her an email from her website contact form to inform her that I would like to cast her vote against this resolution. I did receive an automated reply to my contact but unfortunately I still haven't seen a formal personal reply she promised in the automated email for anyone actually in her district. She cast her vote in favor of the resolution. This is one of many votes she has cast in favor of things I do not agree with. I did not vote for her in the last election and you can bet that I will not in the next one.

You can look up you representative and find out how they are voting. Write them and make some noise so that our country can get back on track!

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