Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Drive -Thru Tax Collection? Coming soon to a county near you.

Empty Bank Being Used for Treasurer's Office

I find it somewhat ironic that at a time when I'm feeling like the government is trying to take more taxes from me, that I would find the new county treasurer's building in my county is being setup in an empty bank.  This bank (now treasurer's office) has three drive-thru lanes and I can imagine a time where that might not be enough.  In fact it feels as though that time is very near.

Opening soon?  Yea!  I just can't contain my excitement, drive-thru tax collection.

I wonder if they are really going to use the drive-thru lanes?

With our current representatives running around and doing what they feel is best it's begining to feel as though we are being taxed without representation.   Didn't that happen once before?   I've had enough and I hope that enough of my fellow citizens have and we take back our country through the upcoming elections.

Does this scare anyone else?

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  1. Man, I thought Wisconsin was bad. I'm glad I don't live in McHenry. :)