Saturday, December 5, 2009

What does it take to get our Commander and Chief to do something?

I can't believe it.  Three of our finest men in uniform being brought before a court marshal hearing for allegedly roughing up a terrorist that was responsible for brutally murdering four US citizens in Iraq.  I'd really like to talk with the person who thought that was a good idea.  Where is our President on this one?  As Commander and Chief you'd think he would have stepped in on this one. No backbone.

In my opinion it would probably been better had they shot and killed him.  Less trouble for them since they are only being accused by the guy they caught.  Are we really going to continue putting our military men and women through this kind of crap during a time of war?  Do you remember the solider in Iraq who was accused of killing a wounded enemy solider?  Wonder what happened to him?  Here's an article from late 2004 that mentions that incident and a few other incidents.  Here's some happy news regarding one of those soldiers. It's unfortunate that it took so long to reach a decision.

We are asking a lot of young men and women under such stress.  We could debate for hours about whether we should be fighting in Afghanistan or Iraq but we shouldn't pile on the added stress to our soldiers.  These men and women sometimes need to make life and death decisions in seconds and shouldn't have to be concerned with who might be offended by the action they take.  I'm not saying things shouldn't be investigated, certainly the article 32 hearings should happen over shootings and if the findings are such that the conduct warrants a court marshal proceeding then so be it. However, roughing up an enemy combatant doesn't warrant the time or attention this most recent situation is getting.  Anyone who is taking the word of someone who was and is bent on killing US soldiers and citizens over that of a United States solider is appalling.

Come on Mr. President.  Wake up and do something to lead our military to a more balanced approach on these things.

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