Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Brown's win or Coakley's loss. The words are what matters.

I watched the election results of the Massachusetts Senator race as they came in last night.  I must say that I slept very well after the results and realizing that one more time the American people have spoke to the politicians in Washington about the leadership and the direction they are leading.  Will they listen?

In her concession speech last night Martha Coakley said "Sometimes it's more important to travel hopefully than to arrive.”  I must say that at first I was confused by that statement.  In fact I did ponder its true meaning for quite some time.  We've all heard the expression "stop and smell the roses along the way" and can identify with its meaning.  Although this comment seems to be nearly the same it does imply something different.  In fact, I think it illustrates in part why the political elite are bad for our country.  If your goal was to travel hopefully then I could agree with it being more important to travel hopefully.  In fact, in a general sense, that is what life is all about.  You set a course, you improvise and adapt along the way, all the while hoping that where you are headed is someplace worth going. However, in regards to an election, the goal is to win not just campaign.  In real life, the destination does matter.  That is why so many people in America are voicing opposition to the current course of our country.  We realize that the current course is taking us to a destination that is bad for everyone.  Martha Coakly's words last night are a telling sign of what we have seen and can expect from the ruling Democratic congress.  At this point in time they all seem more concerned with the trip (ego and otherwise) than the destination. Something I'm sure the voters will remember at the ballot box later this year.

Congratulations Senator Brown for talking with the people, listening, and giving them a reason for hope.  Please honor the words you spoke during your campaign when you speak and take action to perform your duties in the US Senate.

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